Ready Or Not – Devblog 02 – “An Era Approaches”

Ready or Not has had some frantic last few months since our announcement. We’ve gathered a lot of attention and support, which has cemented our view that people are ready for a complete, authentic, police-based tactical FPS. There’s a fair bit of news to go through, so let’s get started by running through some features.


Contemporary UI design seems to be intent on forcing the player to drag their focus around the screen unnecessarily, instead of their focus being on their surroundings and situation. We aim to fix this with the inclusion of our internally-named “Swiss-Army UI”. This element provides the player with information such as player speed, orientation, lean direction, weapon control and two pop-up radial menus. The aim of the SAUI is to keep the players line-of-focus vertically centric with the crosshair (while not obfuscating view). Below, we have some GIFs of the current iteration of SAUI in action.

Environment Reaction
New VFX impact effects kick up long-lasting clouds of dust, bullet ricochets spark and sputter, guns kick up particles when fired close to objects, and we’ve added in parallax occlusion mapped bullet holes for relevant materials. These POM mesh impacts add an extra level of “punch” to your weapons, giving the illusion that your rifle is yanking out chunks of wall with every shot. We’re very happy to have implemented this (and so quickly), as it’s an underutilized technique.

Below, an officer fires an MPL into a set of various materials to create a cloud of matter. This showcases how the individual particle effects work together to provide
greater visual feedback.

Weapon Attachments
The current inclusion of a myriad of collimated weapon optics will give units a greater degree of freedom when it comes to how they want to handle a situation or when it comes to choosing a more comfortable sight picture. These attachments (and all future ones) will only be applicable to weapons with the appropriate rail systems/support.

Projectile Dynamics
We’ve included some more information on our projectile dynamics, showcasing ballistic penetration power and material ricochet likelihoods.

When firing through objects, users will receive a much more predictable projectile trajectory if bullets impact parallel to your position. Higher hit angles will result in larger trajectory offsets or even ricochet the bullet, when the appropriate surface is impacted. The aim is to make combat more frantic and unpredictable when an officer misses his shots, ensuring players consider all options before they engage.

Patch Customization
Players can now assign an image to their officer’s shoulders by entering any valid URL. This supports files that include an alpha channel.


Great News

We’ve received overwhelming support from everybody regarding Ready Or Not, with a lot of individuals claiming they’d be willing to pitch in what they could to help this game grow. This rally of support was unexpected and VOID is glad that we have such an enthusiastic audience.

However, our company recently completed negotiations with an investor, effectively cementing the ability for us to develop on Ready Or Not in a more permanent fashion.


We’ve taken to bolstering our development team somewhat: adding a technical animator and an AI programmer to the ranks. While we’re still sorting things out, the plan is to speed up development even more than before so we can get this title to our audience faster.

More information on this will be posted next devblog.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a VOID post without a strange promo. We’re aware a lot of people are looking forward to seeing lengthy footage of Ready Or Not gameplay. The next full trailer we release will be strictly devoted to in-game footage.

Thanks, from the team at VOID Interactive