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Shortlisted FAQ

Q: What is the difference between buying the game on your web page vs. on Steam?

Q: I have a problem. How can I contact VOID about it?

Q: I haven’t received any Supporter Edition emails?

Q: Who is VOID Interactive?

Q: Can I translate the NDA into another language for our community to understand?

Q: Will we be able to play PvP in the Alpha?

Q: Which platforms will Ready or Not be available on?

Q: What is VOID's plan when it comes to downloadable content (DLC)?

Q: Will there be loot boxes or cosmetic stores?

Q: Will Ready or Not feature weapon and player model skins?

Q: Will Ready or Not feature controller support?

Q: Will RoN require any third party DRM? Will it be always-online?

Q: Will Ready or Not have a level editor and modding support?

Q: What about blood and gore?

Q: Can I customize my AI teammates' gear?

Q: Will there be usable snipers or playable sniper roles?

Q: Is there VOIP?

Q: What are the system requirements to run the game?

Q: Does the game feature a campaign?

Q: Do Supporters currently get early access to updates?

Q: Is there a way for me to get a game key as a creator?

Alpha/Supporter Edition FAQ

Q: When does the Alpha start and when does Beta start?

Q: How can I upgrade from a Standard Edition to a Supporter Edition?

Q: What part of closed Alpha can I talk about publicly?

Q: If I break the NDA/don’t follow these instructions, what will happen?

Q: Does the NDA prohibit one from disclosing the fact that they are participating in the alpha version of the game?

Q: Someone is breaking the NDA. What should I do?

Q: Why are you this closed-lipped about the Closed Alpha?

Q: Can I show the emails I have received in public?

Q: How do I get into the Supporter Edition Discord?

Q: In the Supporter Edition, it says that we are going to have our name in the credits. What name are you going to use?

Q: If I record video of NDA gameplay now, and don’t upload it until after the game is released, does that violate my NDA?

Q: I accidentally input the wrong address/billing information for my order, what do I do?

Generic Questions

Q: What is Ready Or Not?

Q: When will Ready Or Not release?

Q: What is Ready Or Not’s development status? Can I be an alpha or beta tester?

Q: When is Ready or Not’s next newsletter?

Q: How many editions will be available for purchase?

Q: Will there be physical copies?

Q: Will there be a merch store?

Q: What content is expected in expansion packs?

Q: What storefronts is Ready Or Not available on?

Q: I’ve seen other games say that they will be a Steam game, but decide at the last minute to become an Epic Games Store exclusive. Will the same occur with Ready Or Not?

Q: How well is Ready Or Not optimized?

Q: Will Ready Or Not feature Steam Community items, such as backgrounds and trading cards?

Q: What inspirations did the artists have in creating Ready Or Not?

Q: What is the soundtrack like in Ready Or Not?

Q: What languages will Ready Or Not be available in?

Q: Can I play Ready Or Not in Virtual Reality?

Q: What anticheat does Ready Or Not use?

Q: Is Ready Or Not developed with e-Sports in mind?

Q: Will weapons accept accessories and attachments?

Q: Are there Less Lethal equipment options?

Q: What other kind of gear can we expect?

Q: Can players become suppressed if under heavy fire? / Why do some screenshots seem washed out?

Q: What methods can be used to breach a door?

Q: Are there melee weapons?

Q: Are there canine units?

Q: Can I customize my AI teammates’ gear?

Q: Will there be usable snipers or playable sniper roles?

Q: Is there a training mode?

Q: How do less lethal weapons affect the player?

Q: Can lethal weapons incapacitate, as opposed to killing? What about less lethal weapons?

Q: Is there health recovery?

Q: Is overpenetration a factor?

Q: Is there falling damage?

Q: Is there blind firing?

Q: Can I customize my officer’s appearance?

Q: Is there VoIP?

Q: Vaulting?

Q: Rappelling?

Q: Can I go prone?

Q: Are there HUD crosshairs?

Q: Is there mouse acceleration?

Q: Can I hide the compass?

Q: Is Field of View (FOV) adjustable?

Q: Will there be a left-handed mode?

Q: Do bodies, shell casings, arrested suspects, etc disappear over time?

Q: Besides kneeling with hands up, what other kinds of arresting positions are there?

Q: Can I see my own character’s legs?

Q: Is there a replay viewer?

Q: Will there be mission briefings and planning?

Q: Is there a story to the campaign?

Q: How many maps will Ready or Not have during Early Access and on release?

Q: What sort of map sizes can one expect in Ready Or Not?

Q: How many game modes will each CO-OP map have?

Q: Will the game force the mission to end if the players fail an objective?

Q: Is it possible to use only less-lethal weapons to complete the game?

Q: Is there a permadeath mode?

Q: What kinds of suspects can I encounter, in terms of equipment?

Q: Do suspects interact with hostages?

Q: Will there be leaderboards in the game?

Q: How does arresting work in singleplayer/CO-OP and in PvP?